Ambedkar Jayanti 2017

Unlike every year, less number of students are coming at the center of Navodaya Mission due to many external factors, though the scene is becoming better. Amid this situation we called students for celebrating Ambedkar Jayanti. Early in the morning only 9 children turned up. At one point of time I thought to cancel the program. After seeing the confusion among children I told them if Ambedkar alone can do wonder, why not you people. Just not think about number and march with full force so that our presence will be visible with our partner organization. These children showed exemplary courage and enthusiasm to make the event memorable for  Navodaya Mission.

Following this event we had surprised party with these initial 13 children who participated in the program at ICH.

Similarly in the evening I reached at Sirsoti and found a few students at Navodaya Mission Library. I just instructed Krishna Murari and others that we are going for rallying in the village. They were very reluctant, but I gave them order and they gained enthusiasm. Later Abhimanyuji and others also participated. This also turned a unique event in the village Sirsoti.

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