Helping Hand

When a girl gave me a call for help, it became very difficult for me to leave her on her own by donating my part. At the same time Kuldeep Sahni also expressed the same feeling and asked to do more. Ashish from Navodaya Mission expressed the same. The thought of Mritunjaya, a young Navodayan further gave me solace that sensitivity is growing. Anyway we achieved our target and for this dedication of Navodaya Mission towards society has great role to play. Wishing all members of Navodaya Mission of doing good job silently which is going to empower you to do more. After all society also looking for leaders to whom they can trust. And this is the platform for learning leadership by acting and earning trust of society by doing selfless service.

Navodaya Mission Donation for JNVDAA

Target = (Rs 15000 + Rs 55000) = Rs 70000
Name Amount Bank Account Transferred
Kuldeep Sahni Rs 5000 Personal  Account
Avnish Kumar (JNV Patna) Rs 5000 Personal  Account
Jay Prakash (JP) Rs 5000 Personal  Account
Shanta Kumar Rs 5000 Personal  Account
Lilanand Chaudhari Rs 5000 Personal  Account
Sumit Baranwal Rs 5000 Shanta’s Ac
Mrityunjay Rs 4000 Personal  Account
Bhaskar Jha Bhaiya Rs 5001 Personal  Account
Srawan Ram (JNV Jodhpur) Rs 15000 Personal Account
Navodaya Alumni Association, Bihar, Purnea Chapter (By Akhilesh Bhaiya Rs 25000 Cheque on the name of college
Total Rs 79001/-  
Thanks to All. Let the mission of Helping go on.

You may see the detail here:

Help our sister for paying fees

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