Life is experience

Everyone talks about achievements. An achiever feels proud of sharing his achievements, while losers or better say who didn’t able to sit in top row feels isolated, dejected and that may lead the weaker one to depression and further triggers them to series of failure, hopelessness and gloominess.

Life is all about for cheering. Recently we get WhatsApp message where everyone has different expectations, reactions while friends always calls for drink. That is life.

Feel proud on your life. Feel pride in sharing your life events. Some one has visited Paris, Berlin, Washington etc but some may have visited many villages. One has to miss something for something else. After all life is limited. Time is going to defeat everyone. Just work hard and feel proud what you have achieved and meet with everyone with full confidence without letting any streak of thought that you are less achievers than others. In reality achievers are sitting alone, it is the audience who stands with crowd. You have bigger community, so don’t lose touch of your community. Life is all about caring and sharing. You must have someone to care  and someone to share.

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