Admission of Rural Poor Girls in DAV Rihand

This year 140 girls participated in GEM program at NTPC Rihand . NTPC Rihand has taken one step further in improving their lives and CSR department decided to give scholarship to 10 bright girls out of them. These ten girls are selected by DAV Rihand by conducting an exam in a fair and transparent way . Total 112 out of 140 girls participated in this GEM Scholarship Exam . These ten girls will be admitted in DAV public school and their tuition fee will be totally financed by NTPC CSR . Many of these girls are Navodaya Mission Students . Some of them also gave JNV 2018 entrance exam 2018 . Navodaya Mission thank NTPC Rihand (CSR) for bringing this scholarship program . It will definitely bring visible changes in their lives and motivate others too. (Yogendra Kumar, VP (NM), IIT KGP).

Selected students for admission in DAV Rihand

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