Navodaya Mission Rural Talent Search Examination-2018

Navodaya Mission has been organizing rural talent search examination since 2016. This year it was held on 21.10.2018. Navodaya Mission always opens opportunities to underprivileged children to grab and grapple for their enlightenment by encouraging, by visualizing their hidden talents. By conducting, this examination they pick pearls which were still covered in the shell. Navodaya Mission always ahead that how the word of illiteracy under these people should be vanished. As like the previous years, this year also many rural children appeared in the test. The team had selected thirty children. Consequently, they teach them and make them able and assist to crack  Navodaya Entrance Examination 2019. This is one  step   success  ladder for these needy children. At this occasion, Shree Hare Ram Singh, President, Navodaya Mission Rihand and Shree Subhash Prasad Gupta, CSR Head of NTPC Rihand, Deepshikha Verma, Mukesh Kumar and other core members of Navodaya Mission were present. The program was conceived and organized by Yogendra Kumar, General Secretary and Alumni of IIT Kharagpur. “

Navodaya Mission do not discriminate children for participating in its educational activities. All irrespective of academic talents are allowed to participate in these activities. Among various activities, this is specialized activity which requires selection of potential talents for appearing in this examination.

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