Akhilesh Paswan- Becoming Social Entrepreneur

Akhilesh Paswan, a divyang and a teacher of Asha Kiran School, Vindhya Nagar has started volunteering with Navodaya Mission at Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Vindhya Nagar. When I met him, I found him very energetic. When discussed and talked about our vision he promptly accepted idea. I just gave him independent charge of Navodaya  Mission to develop a education center where youth can serve and earn for making their livelihood.

Very enthusiastically he described that he has started giving English Coaching. “First day 5 students came, second day 10 students came followed by fifteen students” he said. “We are not talking about fee yet, as we want to see continuity and how children will like his teaching style” he further mentioned.

Now Vandana has also started volunteering for Navodaya Mission and I think she would also be part of this social enterprise in making.

“There will be no compromise with quality and fee would be minimal, so that children of lower strata may also avail the benefit.”

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