God of Common Man

Dina-Bhadri (Krishna Balram of Rishidev (Musahar) community

During Dwapar age,there lived a couple Nirso and Kalu Sardar of Rishidev community in Jogiarpur Kingdom which was in today’s Nepal. Many years passed of their marriage, yet they didn’t have any child. They have taken holi dip in the Ganga river and the river goddess appeared and told, “go to home and do good works, you must get fruit of your good works. According to the instruction of the river Goddess, they acted. After some years passed, twin children took birth to them, which brought happiness in their home. They kept the name of elder one Dina and the younger one Bhadri.

At that time there was no culture of providing education to children in Rishidev community. Yet Nirsu and Kalu sardar provided education to Dina and Bhadri by sending them to other house. They even learnt archery.

After completing their education, Dina and Bhadri started their journey to see the world. They used to sit on Bela pahad and meditated. Other time they used to wander in cities like Kanholi Nagar and Megha Munger as Sanyasi. They used to make living by taking alms. Wherever they saw excesses on poor people, they fought with kings and landlords and freed them. They didn’t become king themselves and moved ahead after freeing people from the clutches of tyranny kings.

Defeat of Jorawar Raja, Dhamiya Raja by Dina Bhadri are well known and their stories are retold by folk singers, story tellers. As people didn’t develop epic on these personalities they were remained God of common man of Bihar state or other adjacent nearby areas.

Salhes Maharaj of Morang (Kuldevta of Paswan)

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