आसमान छुने से पहले आसमान में खो गया कृपाशंकर

His family has great hope. It was just one step away to get a gov. job which had lots of meaning and hope for his poor family and specially for his younger brothers.

Yesterday when he was going to appear in next level exam for Gov. job, he wished to stay one night to their maternal uncle home near Myorepure on his way. When he stepped down from bus and waited to  cross where his maternal grand pa standing to receive him, another vehicle which was coming to overtake and stroke him with its mirror ending his life. This was a great loss. (as mentioned by local people)

When he cleared polytechnic exam and went Bareilli  he became a great hope and inspiration for poor students living in his locality and many cleared exam and are fulfilling their dreams.

It was a great shock for Navodaya Mission, but he will remain in our heart.

जब लोग गरीब को मदद हेतु आईआईटी की तैयारी कराने का लक्षय रखती है, नवोदय मिशन ने पालिटेकनिक निकलवाने का लक्षय रखा ताकि अधिक संख्य में निकाले और परिवार को गरीबी की दलदल से बाहर ला सके। कृपा शंकर प्रथम छात्र था जिसने सफलता हासिल किया़। शिक्ष जागरण में उसका अहम योगदान था।





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  1. […] Your contribution may support and will give strength to cope up with this situation of distress. Your support will give new hope to his brothers and sister and they may continue their education with same zeal and enthusiasm. Please Donate!!! (https://navodayamission.com/2019/08/02/asman-chhune-se-pahle-asman-mein-kho-gaya-kripa-shankar/) […]


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